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Why Do I Still Have Menopause Symptoms? WHY!

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You and many other women are not alone!

A 2018 research study from Mayo Clinic found that more ladies than previously thought continue to have hot flashes as well as other symptoms of menopause into their 60s, 70s as well as even 80s.

Scientist asked nearly 5000 women from that study if they experienced any symptoms commonly associated with menopause, such as hot flashes and night sweats, and a significant percentage reported having them all. Of the women participating, 921 were age 60 or older and 41.2 percent of them reported that they continued to have modest to extreme hot flashes and night sweats.

The researchers found that the older females experiencing hot flashes as well as other symptoms were most likely to be married or in a dedicated partnership and also much less likely than other women to explain their health and wellness as “excellent.”

They also had higher chances to have actually experienced medical menopause (elimination of ovaries throughout a hysterectomy or various other operation). High levels of caffeine consumption showed up to increase the probability of hot flashes as well as night sweats in women age 70 and older. Not surprisingly, menopausal signs and symptoms were much less likely to occur among females on hormone replacement therapy.

The scientists noted that the advantage of hormone replacement therapy typically surpasses the threat in appropriately selected females younger than 60 who are within ten years of menopause. But they stated that it’s “unclear as to when the suitable time is to stop hormones,” adding that the Northern American Menopause Culture, the Endocrine Society, and also The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists all recommend against the arbitrary discontinuation of hormone replacement therapy based on age alone.

Uncomfortable sex as a result of vaginal dryness comes up often after menopause, but according to a study of about 800 women age 45 and older along with 305 women’s health care providers, lots of them are not well informed about the subject.

The survey results, reported by “HealthyWomen,” a not-for-profit health and wellness details solution, showed that 62 percent of 555 ladies responding indicated that they experienced pain throughout sexual intercourse and that among 308 respondents, 69 percent did not know that the issue is treatable. Of 335 respondents that reported constant discomfort during sex, 73 percent defined the pain as modest to serious.

The survey likewise found that 33 percent of 314 ladies indicated they were preventing sex altogether. And 60 percent of 337 menopausal women responded that they had actually never pointed out unpleasant sex to a health care supplier.

It’s very unfortunate that women too often do not talk to their health care providers about their symptoms and as a result, they are not informed on many available therapies that can improve their lives.