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Repairing a Hormone Imbalance to Protect Against Aging Diseases

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A hormonal imbalance is something that can affect your body from head to toe. Depending on which hormones are out of balance, it can affect your ability to move with strength and agility and it can affect your mind – making it difficult to make important decisions wisely.

Some people think that hormone imbalances are a way of life, but they’re not. When you get a hormone imbalance, it’s a warning sign that you need to take seriously because it can affect major organs in your body and cause some serious consequences.

Other people think that a hormone imbalance is no big deal – but this isn’t true either. A hormone imbalance can impact your life to the point that you’re not able to work or to even stay awake during the day.

It’s not just your short-term health that gets affected by a hormone imbalance, either. When your hormones are off-balance, it can lead to aging diseases. By restoring your hormones to the right balance, you can protect yourself against these conditions.

What happens when my hormones are unbalanced?

When your hormones get unbalanced, such as your estrogen levels, this can lead to heart disease. This can lead to anything from needing surgery for a clogged artery to a heart attack, but it can also lead to fatal heart events.

If your thyroid hormones get off balance, it can lead to hyper or hypothyroidism. If you get hypothyroidism and the hormones that cause the condition aren’t balanced, it can lead to aging diseases such as ovarian failure.

It’s also been linked to rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and disease of the adrenal glands. Dementia is a condition long associated with aging. But what many people don’t realize is that you can get dementia from metabolic malfunction.

That means if your hormones are unbalanced, you become a candidate for dementia that’s known as non-degenerative dementia. People who have a problem with their thyroid hormones being out of balance are at high risk for developing this type of dementia.

If your hormones are out of balance and have led to either hyper or hypothyroidism, you need to repair the imbalance in order to protect yourself. In some cases, hormonal thyroid imbalance can also cause you to develop thyroid cancer when you’re older.

If your parathyroid hormones are off, you can develop the aging disease osteoporosis because your body can’t hold onto the calcium that it needs to keep up the right amount of bone density.

If your adrenal hormones aren’t balanced, this can cause age-related kidney problems – including kidney failure. By taking steps now to repair any hormonal imbalance you may have, you can protect your body from the risk of certain diseases that are age-related.

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