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Can I get Pregnant During Perimenopause?

Pregnant During Perimenopause

Women over 40 often ask if they can still get pregnant during Perimenopause. The answer is YES!

You very well can get pregnant in perimenopause and your chances of pregnancy can actually increase in some women. There are many hormonal fluctuations and changes that occur in perimenopause causing irregularity in menstrual cycles, heavy bleeding, and increased PMS. 

During this time women can experience months where they don’t have a period. This can lead them to think that they have left their fertile window. Don’t be fooled! 

The LOOP Phenomenom

Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) is a hormone produced by your pituitary gland. During perimenopause, your FSH levels also increase to signal the body to release a follicle from an ovary. There is a phenomenon in perimenopause called the LOOP phenomenon that causes FSH to stimulate another follicle to release!

As a result, you have 2 follicles released before the next cycle starts not only increasing your chances for pregnancy but increasing your chances for TWINS! Yes, twins. This also increases the amount of estrogen produced during the second half of your cycle causing unwanted symptoms like fibroid growth, migraines, and breast pain.

Work with an experienced Hormone specialist

You can work with an experienced hormone specialist to regulate your cycles during perimenopause to not only reduce unwanted symptoms but also discuss options for preventing unwanted pregnancy during this time in your life.