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Best Hormone Replacement Therapy in Dallas – Relieving Menopause Symptoms

Hormone Replacement Therapy Dallas
Factors to ConsiderList of HRT ProvidersGet Started with Telemedicine

Are you a Dallas resident struggling with the discomfort of menopause? 

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is available in Dallas, Texas via telemedicine and has been proven to provide long-term relief from hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, vaginal dryness – all those pesky things that come with menopause!

Let’s explore why it’s important to get help now and which are the top providers offering hormone replacement therapy services here in Dallas. 

The Best Hormone Replacement Therapy in Dallas

Factors to consider when choosing an HRT provider

When choosing an HRT provider, it’s important to consider several factors, including the qualifications and experience of the provider, the provider’s reputation and patient reviews, and the provider’s personalized approach to treatment.


Finding a qualified and experienced provider for HRT is critical to ensure that your health needs are addressed safely and effectively. When selecting, look for providers with specialized training in hormone therapy as well as women’s health – emphasizing the importance of their personalized care approach.

Reputation and Patient Reviews

Gather information to make an educated decision about your healthcare provider – look into the provider’s professional reputation and read patient reviews. This can help you gain insight on what kind of care they deliver, as well as a better understanding of patients’ satisfaction with them. Choose wisely!

Personalized Treatment

With personalized HRT, you can experience a tailored treatment plan that is designed to help meet your individual goals and needs. Find an experienced provider who listens carefully to what matters most – making sure they understand every element of your journey before creating the perfect program for success!

Availability and Accessibility

When choosing a provider, it is important to consider their availability and accessibility. Ask yourself if the scheduling process with this provider will be flexible or drawn out; can they offer an appointment in your desired timeline? Additionally, look into how close by the practice is located – you don’t want lengthy travel times detracting from your well-being!

Cost of HRT in Dallas

When it comes to hormone replacement therapy, budgeting and insurance are key considerations. Be sure to research providers who offer transparent pricing structures that fit within your means; then partner with your insurer for greater insight on what will be covered financially.

Best HRT providers in Dallas

If you’re living in the Dallas area, you have access to some of the best hormone replacement therapy providers around. These specialists make it their mission to provide customized treatment plans for women during menopause.

NameDegreePhone Number
Amy Green MartinMD(214) 824-2563
Ann E. LutichMD(214) 645-3888
Aruna KoneyMD(214) 320-1200
Ashley AlexisND(760) 542-8898
Betty L. Chern-HughesMS, CNM, NCMP(505) 577-3602
Cheryl C. KinneyMD, FACOG, NCMP(972) 566-8878
Cynthia Mace-MottaDO, NCMP(972) 257-5300
David E. RogersMD, NCMP
Ghazaleh MoayediDO, MPH, FACOG, NCMP
Irwin J. KerberMD, NCMP
James H. PickarMD
Javine McLaughlinMD, NCMP
Jessica PearceDO, NCMP(214) 221-0855
Kamilia SmithMD, NCMP(214) 477-9239
Kevin Patrick O’NeilMD
Mandy HorneNP
Maria A. Ramos-RomanMD(214) 648-2375
Minjung KimNP
Nina B. RadfordMD
Patricia Ann LaRueMD

Telemedicine with Golden Leaf Health Center

For those seeking the convenience of virtual care, another top HRT provider in Dallas is Golden Leaf Health. With their telemedicine services, they provide a convenient alternative to traditional care by offering virtual appointments from experienced and qualified menopause specialists. Golden Leaf Health’s goal is personalized patient-centered menopause care –all in the comfort of your own home.

In Dallas, you have access to some of the best HRT providers, including Golden Leaf Health, and the listed providers above.

Dallas Texas Hormone Replacement Questions

Menopause can be a difficult and overwhelming experience, but with the right support, you can manage your symptoms and improve your overall health.

If you are in the Dallas region and want to learn more about hormone replacement therapy or get started on your hormone replacement journey, fill out our contact form and we’ll be happy to help you!

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