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Amazing Benefits of Testosterone for Women

Amazing Benefits of Testosterone
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Let’s talk about testosterone.

Yes, women make testosterone, and it’s crucial for muscle development, motivation, drive, libido, sexual performance, confidence, and how we see ourselves in general, naturally.

As menstruating women, testosterone gets released yeast after our peak estrogen day, right before ovulation, and through ovulation.

And so that’s why women desire sex more during that time biologically so that we can get pregnant.

Testosterone is made in the ovaries as well as the adrenal glands.

As we go through perimenopause and menopause, our ovaries decline in our sex hormone production as well as our adrenals.

However, if your Adrenals are always supported and you are able to manage stress throughout your life, you may still make a lot of testosterone.

Ideally, for women, I like to see testosterone levels on lab testing, but somewhere between 20 and 50.

Not all women need to be treated with testosterone. If you’re dealing with low libido, fatigue, and trouble putting on muscle mass, it may be helpful.

DHEA may also be something to look into because it can convert into testosterone.