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Vitamin Shot Bar

Golden Leaf Health Center offers a wide variety of Vitamin Injections that support:

A Healthy Immune System

Improved Sleep

Natural Energy Boost

Hormonal Balance

Mental Focus

Physical Endurance

Our vitamin shots offer you the opportunity to support your health by having vitamins and nutrients bypass your digestive system and therefore are absorbed quickly and efficiently. This is especially useful in recovering from illness, dealing with chronic disease, or optimizing athletic performance.

Our injections are available 5 days a week by appointment at your convenience.

Energy | $25

Vitamin B12 can help to improve overall energy by helping you sleep and by giving your cells what it needs to get you out of that afternoon slump.

Detox | $35

Glutathione is a powerhouse when it comes to detoxification in your body. It is 100% absorbed when given in a shot and will help your body fend against environmental pollution.

Metabolism | $35

Help your body metabolise and burn fat with this shot. It can also give you energy, improve your sleep, and help you detox.

Stress | $35

Stressed? This shot can help replace the vitamins used up during your stressful week, get you sleeping better, and ready to take on the day!

Immune | $45

Give your cells what it needs to fight off colds. Helping strengthen your immune system will keep you healthy and strong.

Super Immune | $55

Give your body what it needs to reduce muscle pain with this pain-relieving nutrient shot.