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Top 5 Reasons to Use DUTCH Test

The Dutch Test is a comprehensive hormone panel used to assess hormone imbalance in all stages of reproduction from pre-menopause to postmenopause. Here are the top 5 reasons you should use the DUTCH test:

  1. For women on hormone replacement therapy, the Dutch test is an effective way to monitor the levels of the hormones you are using. This is a test that works exceptionally well for oral progesterone, vaginal hormone creams, patches and pellets.

    DUTCH Test Measures Hormone Replacement Therapy

  2. The DUTCH test measures melatonin levels. Melatonin is produced 2 hours before bedtime helping you become relaxed and sleepy. If you are experiencing problems with sleep knowing your melatonin levels could be helpful in finding the right treatment for you.

  3. Another reason you should use DUTCH test is because it measures your DHEA-S levels. Your adrenal glands produce DHEA, which is known as the “feel-good” or “Vitality” hormone. Low levels can lead to fatigue, decreased muscle mass and bone density, depression, aching muscles, reduced immunity, and loss of libido.

  4. Some women have symptoms of estrogen dominance like PMS, heavy bleeding, menstrual cramps, fibroids, and endometriosis. In estrogen dominance women produce too much estrogen and too little progesterone and typically aren’t able to clear old estrogens out of the body. The DUTCH test will not only measure levels of estrogen and progesterone but your estrogen metabolism as well. When your estrogen metabolism is healthy you will be able to bind and clear estrogens effectively reducing symptoms of estrogen dominance. 

  5. The DUTCH test measures your adrenal function. As we deal with stress through life and as our sex hormones decrease with age our adrenal glands work to fulfill the needs. If not properly supported they can become insufficient in their cortisol output increasing abdominal weight gain, causing blood sugar issues, and fatigue.

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