No, You're Not Losing Your Mind - Your Hormones Are Just Off

hormonal imbalance losing my mind. women with hand to head

You run into someone you know and can’t recall who they are. Then you realize that you’ve lost the ability to recall some common phrases. You can’t remember things and at this point, you start to feel a little bit of panic wondering if you’re experiencing a disease that affects your brain or if you have some other mental health issue.

As hard as you try, you can’t seem to shake off the brain fog. You experience difficulty calling things to mind that just happened. You have feelings of depression and you feel like you’re enshrined in grayness.

Maybe you even sit and cry and can’t for the life of you figure out what’s going on. You start to fear that you’re having a breakdown and you’re losing your mind. Most people don’t realize that the cause of all of that could be because your hormones have gone awry.


Many women suffer needlessly because they don’t put the mental symptoms together with some physical ones that may also be present. But your hormones can cause you to feel like you’re going crazy.

You might even wonder what’s wrong with you and you might experience fear that you’ve suddenly lost yourself somehow. When hormones get out of whack, the first thing that most people do is assume it’s something big, but there’s no need to worry.


The first thing you want to do is to get your hormone levels tested. Every one of your hormones has the ability to affect your mood as well as your brain. People who have their thyroid hormones become imbalanced can experience both memory loss as well as depression.


Thyroid hormones that get off balance are known to cause both mental and emotional changes. Sometimes the testosterone levels change and rise or fall out of their normal level.


When that happens, it can change your moods and make you feel like you’re not yourself. It can cloud your mind and make it difficult to focus. If you have estrogen or progesterone imbalances, you can have difficult remembering things.


You might cry at the drop of a hat and you can experience mood swings from deeply sad one minute to happy the next. When progesterone gets unbalanced, you lose the benefit it gives to the brain – which is the ability to act as a mood stabilizer – so all of a sudden your emotions go all over the place.

Hormones are the number one cause of physical, emotional and mental changes – and yet they’re the most often overlooked. But the good news is when these are brought back in balance, you’ll feel sane again.