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Adrenal Dysregulation

Adrenal Dysregulation

The adrenal glands are located directly above your kidneys. They secrete various hormones that regulate stress, electrolyte balance, and sex hormones production. The adrenal glands have many physiological roles in the body including:

    • Secretion of stress hormones
    • Utilization of carbs and fats
    • Turning fats and proteins into energy
    • Regulation of blood sugar 
    • Regulation of cardiovascular response

A major role of the adrenals is to manage stress. Normally when a stressor occurs, the adrenals secrete stress hormones like cortisol to give your body the energy it needs to withstand that stress. However, when chronic stress occurs the adrenals keep supplying the body with those hormones and overtime this leads to adrenal “fatigue”. When people are experiencing adrenal fatigue, they may have symptoms of:

    • Interrupted sleep or insomnia
    • Weight gain or trouble losing weight
    • Increased cravings for carbs and sugar
    • Fatigue and lethargy
    • Digestive issues
    • Frequent colds
    • Depression and anxiety
    • Irritability and mood changes

With a comprehensive hormone assessment, we can find where the imbalance is so that you can have more energy, drop stubborn pounds, perform your best, and have the energy to do the things you love.